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Career Counseling Fees

Career Exploration Package - $380

  • A comprehensive assessment that explores careers and educational paths that best fit your unique personality, skills, interests, and life values

  • Report interpretation and evaluation prepared specifically for you

  • A 2-hour consultation to review results and identify action steps

Career Counseling - $120/60-min session

  • Identification and exploration of educational/career goals

  • Exploration of strengths, interests, skills, and values

  • Identification of resources for educational/career exploration

  • Goal setting and identification/implementation of action steps

Resume Writing Package - $160

  • Initial consultation to identify your career goals and relevant education/work/volunteer experience

  • A customized resume template or resume makeover

  • Final review and delivery

  • OPTIONAL: Cover Letter Creation ($60 add-on)

Interview Preparation - $120/session

  • Review of job description and research on the company

  • Practicing with common interview questions

  • Fine-tuning your speaking voice and body language

  • Preparing thoughtful questions for the interviewer

  • Interview follow-up

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