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Career Counseling FAQ and Fees

Frequently Asked Questions about Career Counseling


What is the Career Direct Assessment?

Career Direct is a wonderful assessment tool that was designed to help you understand how your personality, skills, interests, and values uniquely combine to give you a blueprint for making career decisions. It is the only career assessment on the market that provides this comprehensive, holistic picture! Additionally, Career Direct has been rigorously researched in order to provide you with accurate results. Career Direct can be used for many purposes including: 

  • Career Exploration - Identify pathways for future study or work as a college or high school student

  • Career Changes & Transitions - Discover what is next for you on your career journey 

  • Personal Growth - Gain valuable insight about your strengths!


Once you've completed your assessment, you will meet with Abby for a 2-hour in-person or virtual consultation session to discuss and apply your assessment results. Abby offers free 15-minute phone consultations to discuss your interest in Career Direct and answer any questions that you might have.


How might I benefit from additional career counseling sessions?

Additional career counseling sessions are offered to clients who have first completed the Career Direct Assessment process. This gives us a foundation for our work together! Follow-up sessions may be used to further explore next steps that you may be completing using your Career Direct report, to address any barriers or internal conflict to making career decisions, for light resume or cover letter review, and for interview role playing. These sessions are solution-focused in nature and limited to 4 sessions per client. These sessions will not focus on general mental health concerns; we are happy to help coordinate referrals if these services are needed.

Career Assessment & Counseling Fees


Career Direct Assessment & Consultation: $485 (includes $80 assessment fee, report preparation time, and a 110-120 min. consultation session to discuss and apply your assessment results)


Additional Career Counseling sessions (53-60 min): $135

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