Hannah Whisler


Hannah is currently not accepting new clients


Hannah began her career in counseling as an undergraduate student at James Madison University where she studied Psychology. Upon completion of her undergraduate degree, she enrolled in a Masters of Social Work program at North Carolina State University. This led her in the direction of interning at a refugee resettlement agency where she helped refugees adjust to American culture while still honoring their roots. The following year, Hannah continued interning as a clinical social worker at Duke’s High-Risk Perinatal Clinic (Durham, NC), where she met with mothers in all different stages of pregnancy or postpartum. Currently, Hannah counsels patients facing a variety of difficulties such as; anxiety and depression, postpartum prenatal, behavioral issues, family conflict, grief, relationship issues.


Hannah values counselor-patient therapeutic relationships that center on safety, trust, and guidance. Hannah believes that counseling is not about changing the person, but rather for the patient to have a deeper understanding and acceptance of themselves and their environment. Hannah hopes to equip her patients with tools that they find helpful to their own well-being and direct them in the path of grace and hope. 


Hannah enjoys discovering new recipes and experimenting in the kitchen, as well as finding new places to adventure around Raleigh. Her church, family, and friends hold a special place in her heart.