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Master of Social Work

Licensed Clinical Social Worker 

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Julia is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in North Carolina. She graduated with honors from North Carolina State University with a Master of Social Work. Prior to that, she graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a concentration in Biology from William Peace University. 


Julia typically works with young adults struggling with chronic anxiety and worry. This usually can manifest itself as obsessive thoughts or compulsive behaviors (chronic rumination/worry, body-checking, intrusive thoughts about harming yourself or others, isolation, loneliness, and/or social anxiety).


Julia has a way of helping her clients feel at ease from the start. She will make it a priority for you to feel comfortable and safe in her presence. She has been told that her happy demeanor and sense of humor can bring hope and light into tough situations. She is also genuine, caring, and welcomes feedback.


Julia’s primary framework is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. She is also able to utilize exposure therapy, compassion-focused therapy, mindfulness training, and trauma therapies. 


Julia is working towards expertise in the treatment and education of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Her goal is to continue her training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Exposure and Response Prevention at the Behavioral Therapy Training Institute (BTTI) and Massachusetts General Hospital | Harvard Medical School. She also hopes to become an active member of the International OCD Foundation. 


Julia loves doing anything creative in her free-time, especially gardening! 

Julia Markovich

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