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Billing Manager

Jeanie began her medical billing career in 2000, where she was the operations manager for 12 years for the number one billing and collections company servicing Chiropractors across the country. Since 2012, she has worked with multiple disciplines then began her journey with behavioral health in 2017.

Jeanie has one son who lives with his lovely wife and their two fur babies in Florida. Jeanie has two rescue fur babies of her own, Teddy who is 8 and Piper who is 5, both of who keep her super busy. In addition, Jeanie co-runs a disaster rescue, who, since 2018, has, rescued hundreds of animals and has provided thousands of pounds of food and supplies to shelters and rescues affected by disasters.

Jeanie moved to NC from New Jersey in 2019, where she’s made some wonderful friendships. She enjoys spending time with those friends, her brother and sister-in-law, who are nearby, and her pups.

Jeanie Spinosa

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