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Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate

Juris Doctor

Master of Social Work

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Bailey brings a unique background and perspective to her counseling practice. After
graduating from the University of Georgia with a bachelor’s degree in English, Bailey worked in ministry for several years leading college students. Bailey then obtained her Master of Social Work and Juris Doctor from the University of Georgia before practicing public interest law. While practicing law, Bailey worked with clients experiencing severe emotional, relational, and financial stress. Bailey’s desire to support these clients extended far beyond what she could do in a courtroom. Thus, Bailey decided to start practicing as an LCSW and use her legal expertise in a pro bono capacity. 

Bailey creates an environment where her clients can be fully themselves and at ease, regardless of what they bring to the table. Bailey further believes in the therapeutic power of honesty and compassion, towards self and others. She knows from personal and professional experience that these two practices lay the foundation for lasting growth and life change. Finally, Bailey believes that healing happens best in the context of community; Bailey is thus passionate about helping clients strengthen their relationships with family, significant others, and friends. 

In Bailey’s practice, she implements a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
(CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Bailey is also able to integrate faith and spirituality into counseling when requested by the client.

Bailey currently specializes in the following areas: anxiety, depression, trauma,
relationship issues, life transitions, self-esteem/body image, grief and loss, vocational counseling, and pre-marital counseling. She also has extensive experience working with women and the unique issues that they face.  Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and that Bailey encourages anyone to reach out with questions!

Bailey Meyne

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