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Time for a Career Change?

Are you dissatisfied with your career? Are you currently unemployed or underemployed? Do you wake up every day wondering if it's ever possible to find joy in the work that you do? 

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then it's probably time to consider a career change. At times, change can feel overwhelming and uncertain, so here are four tips to help you get started!

  1. Reach Out - Utilize informational interviews to learn more about careers you may be interested in. Search for and connect with people who are doing the job you are interested in. Ask them what a typical day looks like in their role, and what the best and most challenging parts of the job are. It can also be helpful to ask what advice they would give to someone who’s entering the job now that they’ve done it.

  2. Reflect and Research - When determining your next career choice, seek to understand your true motivation for change. Do your research. Reflect on your strengths, interests and motivators. Focus on what you love about your current and previous roles. List what tasks you excel with, what gives you satisfaction and what energizes you. Avoid solely focusing on a narrow set of job title; instead, investigate new and emerging roles that fit your skillset and match the direction you want to take.

  3. Choose a Helpful Mindset - Embrace positive aspects of career change. Instead of viewing career transition as a negative, view it as an opportunity for growth. Choose to have a positive mindset when approaching a career change. Celebrate the progress of how far you have already come and all the achievements you have made, whether they may seem big or small. Treat your career change as a new adventure to embark on. Use the time of career transition to evaluate your priorities and your goals in order to develop a clear vision for your future.

  4. Seek out Networking Opportunities - Expand your network. Surround yourself with people who will encourage you and support your growth. As you are pursuing after your career goal, it is imperative to have individuals in your life who will challenge you and champion you. It is crucial to have family, friends or colleagues who will help keep you accountable as you work towards achieving your goals. 

Discover what you were designed to do! If you are having difficulty getting started and would like to explore career options that fit your unique personality, interests, skills, and values, we offer a full Career Exploration Package that may be a great fit for you! Already know what you want to do, but need help with resume writing or interview preparation? We can help with that too! Schedule an appointment with Kaitlin by contacting her at 434-515-2556 or via email at

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